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    Post by CrN Budda on Sun Aug 16, 2009 8:08 pm

    These rules must be followed to a T. If you break one of these rules, during the tournament, your team will be TERMINATED.

    1. You MUST be a real team on GameBattles.
    2. All members from your team participating must be eligible.
    3. There will be no fighting, trash talking, bad mouthing, racism, or ANY other insults.
    4. No argueing.
    5. All GB rules apply.
    6. No Subing in players.
    7. If a player lags out, he or she, may not rejoin until the game is over, (excluding sabotage and domination.)
    8. Players participating in tournament are not allowed to view Live Feed.
    9. Accusing someone of cheating, lagging someone out, or lieng, results in forfeit.
    10. Got proof? send the link to a Admin on our site.
    11. Play right, or get out!
    12.Follow rules 1-12.

    Teams participating in tournament:
    - Team zZero Remorse
    - Team BackPack

    - If you are a member of either team, you must be on, or forfeit.
    - If you have any questions, contact CrN Budda, or ApxHaunted


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